Data can only help so much, you need to know when you’re on your own.

January 2023

As your team grows, you can’t lead by example anymore.
Your customers learn and change, so should your product.
How do you know if you made a mistake in hiring?
Don’t waste time over-analyzing decisions you can easily change. Focus on the decisions that you can’t change later.
Many very busy people get nothing done. Don’t be one of them.

December 2022

You need to take risks to succeed, so choose wisely.
The way you define metrics matters more than the value of those metrics.
Operations is the glue that holds your company together. You have a lot of options on how to set it up, here are some of them.

November 2022

The more metrics you track, the less you know.
Before solving a problem, make sure it’s worth solving.
Spend your time on the really important decisions, not the noise. Here’s how.